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What to Know When Restoring an Old Car

After doing lots of research to decide whether I should restore an old car, I decided that it would be beneficial to share the information I learned with others as well. So in this article I have summarized everything that I think is important to know whenever you are restoring an old car.

Original Parts or Modern Parts

One of the things that you should know going in ahead of time is whether you want to restore the car using new or old parts. Yes the original parts are more true to the car, but it is much more likely that those parts are simply more difficult to find nowadays. They will likely cost more since they are more difficult to find. This is a decision up to you, but I decided to go with modern parts since they will last longer and nobody will really know they are there besides me.

What Level of Restoration

Another important thing to keep in mind is how much you want to restore the car. Are you looking to just get it rolling again or are you trying to make it museum worthy? You can easily imagine that the related costs are quite different, but that is simply something else for you to decide.

Understand Your Level of Expertise

One of the most important things is to understand your level of expertise when it comes to restoring the car. If you are taking on this project odds are you have some experience fixing cars in general. However it is important to not be over confident, and understand that you will not know how to do everything so there is no shame in asking for help or taking it to a shop.

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